National Textbook Committee andStereotype Committee 2015
It can be viewed at MODEM Debrecen, (HU) until July 7th 2019(Rewritable Stories)
National Textbook Statement:


The National Textbook Project is a collaborative artistic initiation, which reinterprets the national identity and the question of the historical past with the help of critical pedagogy. The National Textbook is an artwork of symbolic value, a collage book, which presents the events of the Hungarian history in chronological order, using relevant texts and pictures cut out from foreign textbooks.

The archive, which serves as the basis of the project and includes foreign secondary school history textbooks, has been continuously extending since 2010. The secondary school students and their teachers work up the parts of the archive about the Hungarian history in periodic workshops, comparing the narratives of the historical memory that are different and conflicting by nations.

The project subsequently extended with an additional element, when a so-called stereotype collection came into existence with the active participation of secondary school students. The students participating in the project collected stereotypes about the Hungarian from their foreign friends and visualised them with art products (drawings, posters, and models) and showed them in exhibitions.

The most important results of the multi-year research and process are summarised by a functional website, which contains the whole content of the collage book in Hungarian and the original languages and the documentation of the workshops as well in a searchable form.
NTK social media page
Stereotype collection realized in collaboration between National Texbook Project and index-link in 2016 - 2018 at Sziget festival Budapest
We collected with students stereotypes on paper about Hungary from foreigner guests of Sziget Festivals.
After the collecting the index-link made an issue included a selection of stereotypes, and infographics, and reflections what we have got about Hungarian.
More information:

"National Textbook" Phase 4 2015-05-18/05-23 Budapest
Date of the workshop: 18-21 May 2015
Location: Budapest IX. Pipa utca 4 (Medence Group Studio)

Vernissage: 21 May 2015, 7pm Exhibition open: 22-23 May 2015, 4pm-8pm.

The National Textbook Committee is coming up with yet another one-week workshop-exhibition. Consisting of high school students and pre-registered visitors, the committee is going to build a collection of stereotypes concerning Hungary and the Hungarians, all arranged in the form of a bulletin board and maquettes of imaginary memorials. The basis of these works is provided by the stereotypes previously amassed from the participants' personal network of foreign aquaintances. Also prior to the workshop-exhibition, coached by their history teachers, students from collaborating schools get the chance to take a closer look at the available foreign textbooks and delve into the array of narratives relating to Hungarians.
A main product of the 'National Textbook' projekt, which has been developing from 2009, will be a collage book containing visual and textual information on Hungarians and their history, cut from foreign textbooks (from countries mentioned in one of the most popular official Hungarian history textbook), arranged and stuck in chronological order.
Another major output of the multi-year project will be the website incorporating the edited and translated Hungarian text of the collage book, along with source texts and pictures from the original textbooks, as well as the documentation of the workshops, making it all available for everyone.

Collaborating institutions:
League of Independent Art Spaces, Szilágyi Erzsébet Secondary School of Budapest, Medence Group, OFF Biennale Budapest 2015

National Textbook Committee 2015:
Júlia Csernovszky (1992) graphic designer student (MKE)
Réka Kenéz (1987) curator (Szatyor Gallery)
Zsolt Keserue (1968) artist, project leader
Renáta Kovács (1981) history-Latin teacher (Szilagyi Erzsébet Secondary School)

Stereotype Committee 2015:
Tímea Busch, Linda Császár, Dóra Diószeghy, Dávid Kirsch, Rebeka Korsós, Juli László, Gellért Nagy, Dániel Sófalvi, Dániel Szepesi, Csaba Szigeti, Álmos Szirmai, Bálint Záhonyi Corresponding members : Alexandra Török, Levente Kovács, Veronika Ősz

Video by Dávid Kirsch about the workshop

The project still welcomes used or new high school history textbooks published after 1990 from the following countries:

Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Chile, South Africa, South Korea, South Sudan, Egypt, Eritrea, North Korea, Estonia, the Philippines, Greece, Honduras, India, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, China, Laos, Libya, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Morocco , Mexico, Mongolia, Montenegro, Great Britain, Nepal, Nicaragua, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Somalia, Togo, New Zealand , and Vietnam.

Contributors / Special thanks Phase 4:
Marta Abele, András Zsigmond Albeker, Inguna Andzane(Embassy of HUngary in Latvia), Katrine Bang-Achton (Royal Danish Embassy in Hungary), Zsuzsanna Bakos, Zsuzsi Bodó, Bálint Fabini, Zsófia Ferencz, Bernadett Fügei, Ági Froschetczky, András Gross, Valdis Klisans, Terézia Nagyová, Mariana Lima, Judit Lipták-Pikó, Adrien Müller, Marite Repele, Veronika Poór, Mariana Rosas, Rita Saitos, Masako Tahira, Bálint Ván,

National Textbook exhibition view of workshop 2015-05-21 photo Zsófia Ferencz
Workshop 2015/05/18-21 photo Zsófia Ferencz
National Textbook exhibition view of workshop 2015-05-21
" Phase 3 " 2014

workshop: 15-16 April 2014. Szombathely, NYME
exhibition: 8 May 2014, Pécs, M21 Gallery, "Private Nacionalism" (curators: Rita Varga , Márton Pacsika )

Partners and supporters:
Közelítés Művészeti Egyesület (Pécs),
Visegrad Fund, Culture 2007-13,
Független Képzőművészeti Tanszék,
Zakar István,

The task of the students was to make up maquettes commemorating the dystopic disappearance of Hungary, based on stereotypes collected from their personal network of foreign acquaintances. The resulting compilation, together with the products of the preceding Phase 2, was displayed at the international exhibition 'Private Nationalism' in Pécs.

"Phase 2"

4pm-8pm 11-14 June 2012 Labor,
1053 Budapest, Képíró utca 6..

National Textbook Committee:
editor-in-chief: Zsolt Keserue
coordinator: Petra Csizek
assistant: Réka Kenéz

Stereotype Committee: Zsuzsanna Balogh, Rebeka Takáts, Ágota Nógrádi, Zsuzsanna Dávid, Ruby Bodócs-Usher, Orsolya Fekete, Fruzsina Fazekas, Fanni Csóka, Dóra Kádár, Nóra Mihalik, Luca Nagy (students of Szilágyi Erzsébet Grammer School Budapest)

Article on the project:
Linnea West:
video documentation

The editorial board of the National Textbook is announcing a four-day open workshop in Labor Gallery.

The workshop starts to create a single copy of the new 'National Textbook' with collage technique using texts, diagrams, and pictures dealing with the history of Hungary taken from high-school textbooks from various foreign countries. These four afternoons offer an insight into the creative process, namely the editorial work and into whatever has been accomplished so far. Moreover, we are invited to take part in the actual editing, translating, archiving process, or to help to develop and expand the 'collection of stereotypes' about Hungary.

The ongoing project National Textbook creates a montage 'publication', which aims at gathering data about Hungary, its formation and history from textbooks used in the public education systems of neighbouring, European, and far-away countries. The probably surprising and contradictory stories - all reviewed and certified by each country's national textbook committee - put next to one another in one publication inspire reflection upon historical memory and stereotypes, and reveals the relativity of what is generally regarded as objective. The first presentation of the project took place in March 2011 as part of the Gallery by Night series at the Studio Gallery, where six collections, based on textbooks mostly from neighbouring countries, were introduced to the public.
Organizers of the workshop kindly invite you to the open editorial hours on 11-14 June 2012 daily between 4pm and 8pm and to the closing discussion on Thursday, 14 June at 7pm.

Invited guests:
Balázs Böcskei sociologist,
dr.István Hantos secondary school teacher (Alternative Secondary School of Economics), Renáta Kovács secondary school teacher (Szilágyi Erzsébet Secondary School of Budapest),
Dr. Anett Ragó psychologist,
Zsolt Keserue artist, project leader
moderated by: Ferenc Tamás secondary school teacher (Szilágyi Erzsébet Secondary School of Budapest).

Documentary exhibition of the Artists at School project
Budapest Király utca 102
30-10-2012 / 30- 11-2012

Contributors / Special thanks Phase1-2: Judit Angel, Katalin Aknai, Judit Bajkó, Zsuzsanna Baltazarova, Miklós Bán, Sándor Bartha, Zsófia Bene, Zsuzsanna Benkő, Nóra Bürger, András Czirók, Judit Csatlós, Éva Cseryné Kislaki, Dr.Ramadan Dogan, Denis Beviz, Gábor Döme, Gianmaria Eletto, Dávid Falvay, Aysa Gasanova, Júlia Gáspár, Ferenc Gróf, Barbara Guttman, Dóra Hegyi, Előd Benjámin Horváth, Eszter Jankó, Tímea Jerger, György Jerovetz, Kitty Kenéz, Lilla Khoor, László Kojanitz, Emília Kollár, Nándor Erik Kovács, Renáta Kovács, Márta Krámli, Bettina Lehmann / Ivan Diklić, Annamária Ligosztájeva, Vesna Lomic, Viola Lukács, Geraldine Molnár, Milena Vladimirova, Orsolya Serkédi, Vera Simon, Márta Snopek, Dr. Wiltrud Steinacker, Réka Szabó, Borbála Szalai, Ibolya, Szamborovszkyné Nagy, Ferenc Tamás, Vladimir US, Ildikó Váradi-Sievers, Zsuzsanna Varga Szegedi, Veronika Wágner, Savina Zwitter

Supported by: National Cultural Fund, Studio of Young Artists Association, Polish Institute in Budapest, Finnagora, Gimnazija Bezigrad, II. Rákóczi Ferenc Hungarian College in Kárpátalja, Apáczai Csere János Library, Espell Fordítás és Lokalizáció Zrt, Szilágyi Erzsébet Secondary School of Budapest, Österreichische Schule Budapest

4 days workshop, exhibition and panel discussion photo: Dennis Michael Khieffer Beviz
"Phase 1" 2011
"Gallery by Night" Studio Gallery, Flash Bulb Memory Budapest 2011 (
curator: Borbála Szalai
assistant: Geraldine Molnar

This was the first show of the project at a one-night exhibition. A corner of the place was arranged into a resarching room where I worked on the collage book named The Hungarian National Textbook .
I. phase, 1 night show "Gallery by Night" photo: Bori Szalai